New Danish music meets old french music.

Guillaume Dufay (left) and Gilles Binchois, Woodcut, 1450

Wed 1. may 2019 19:30
Maribo Domkirke

Thursday 2. may 2019 19:30
Vejle, Mølholm Kirke

Friday 3. May 2019 16:30
Gentofte Kirke

Sunday 5. May 2019 17:00
Helsingborg/Sverige, S:a Maria Kyrkan

Christian IV Vocal Ensemble performs music by some of the greatest Danish composer of the 20th Century: Nørgård, Holmgreen, Nørholm and Ruders. They belong to a generation of composers who have already achieved acclaim, and all have their own place in music history.

These modern sounds are contrasted with music by the french composer Guillame Dufay (1397-1474). By musicologists he is regarded as the father of renaissance polyphonic music. It’s a fascinating thought, that more than 500 years between these composers. Even though they are in opposite ends of music history, the musical expression is in some ways similar.

Program: Guillaume Du Fay (1397-1474)
Kyrie, fra Missa L’homme armé

Poul Ruders (1949-)
Preghiera Semplice (1981)

Guillaume Du Fay
Je me complains piteusement

Per Nørgård (1932-)
Morgenmyte (2000)

Guillaume Du Fay
Bon jour, bon mois

Pelle Gudmundsen Holmgren (1932-2016)
Konstateringer (1969)

Ib Nørholm (1931-)
3 Sange opus 3b

Guillaume Du Fay
Apostolo glorioso


Christian IV Vocal Ensemble (8 singers)
Ruben Munk, conductor

All Saints’ Day Concert:


Tomás Louis Victoria (1548-1611)

And works by J. Rosenmüller, H. Schutz and Th. Tomkins


  • Gentofte Church, friday 2 november 16.30
  • Vestervang Church, Elsinore, sunday. 4 november 16.00 (tickets: 150,-)

Singers: Hilde Gjermundsen, Anne Sophie Hjort Ullner, Maria Demérus, Maria Valdmaa, Fanny Kompe, Nana Bugge Rasmussen, Erlend Tyrmi, Jonathan Kroner Ingvald, Danny Purtell, David Wijkman.

Conductort: Ruben Munk